Blumira + Beltex Cyber Insurance Partnership

Blumira MSP Partners get exclusive access to Beltex for their clients!

Beltex, a FifthWall Solutions Policy Program, is a cyber insurance policy and process built by cybersecurity and IT practitioners for SMBs and the MSPs that protect them. Blumira and Beltex are working together to improve security and cyber insurance:

  • Lower Rates: MSP customers who are using Blumira have access to better coverage and lower rates with Beltex
  • Simple Process: Beltex has removed the typical headaches and hurdles MSPs normally deal with when assisting their customers sign up for cyber insurance.
  • Reimbursement  Opportunities: Beltex allows for MSPs to take part in incident response through their Certified Incident Response program.

Beltex cyber insurance is available through Managed Service Providers to their customers based in the United States with annual revenue under $100 million.

How It Works

MSPs register to become part of the Beltex program and offer policies
Beltex provides customized onboarding and policy link based on the MSP's security stack
MSPs use that link with their customer to apply for a policy 100% online
MSPs can apply to the Beltex Certified IR program to become eligible for reimbursement

Blumira + Beltex: Creating A Win-Win

Benefits For SMBs
Benefits for MSPs
  • Better Insurance - as a Blumira and Beltex customer they get access to better coverage and rates
  • 3rd Party Validation - When insurance companies offer lower rates for using certain security vendors, it gives customers confidence that the tools their MSP is providing are high quality.
  • Market Differentiator - This insurance offering allows you to separate from other MSPs, and use it to validate Blumira to increase sales
  • More Involvement - As part of the Beltex Certifed IR program, MSPs can help out during IR investigation and may be compensated for their time
  • Waste Less Time - Beltex used its cybersecurity and MSP background to streamline the application process; saving you time compared to traditional insurance agents
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Cyberinsurance built by cybersecurity and IT practitioners

  • Policies are customized off a base level of security, but adjusted based on other security tools within the organization stack. This allows Beltex the flexibility to work with MSPs on coverage
  • Unlike other cyber insurance providers, the Beltex policies and processes are crafted by those familiar with the cybersecurity industry, not insurance, which results in better policies and processes that are tailor-made to fit your business.
  • Beltex policies are underwritten by Spinnaker Insurance, established in 2015, and with an A- (Excellent) financial rating by AM Best.
  • Policies are fully licensed and available in 48 states (2 pending) to companies with less than $100 million in annual revenue

NOTE: Beltex does not currently offer policies for the Managed Service Provider. It is illegal for MSPs to be compensated for the sale of an insurance policy, unless they are a fully licensed insurance agent.