Blumira's Cloud SIEM:
Built for Small Teams

You’ve got enough to worry about. Ransomware attacks are constantly making headlines, and compliance changes are difficult to keep up with. You deserve a low-maintenance SIEM tool that’s easy to use and fits your budget. 

  • Deploy 5x faster than traditional SIEMs with pre-built integrations and automated rule deployment
  • Meet compliance frameworks and cyber insurance requirements with unlimited integrations and 1-year data retention
  • Save time and avoid alert fatigue - our SIEM comes pre-tuned to focus on real threats
  • Respond to threats quickly and accurately with our step-by-step playbooks included with every finding, and 24/7 SecOps Support for escalated issues

You need security to meet compliance & reduce risk – but traditional tools today aren't the right fit. Schedule a live demo to learn how Blumira's SIEM tailored for smaller teams improves security without the need for additional resources.


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Finally, a SIEM For Your Sm(all) Team 

Easy, Effective SIEM Tools Teams of All Sizes Can Actually Use.

Data Logging

Fast Deployment & Detection

Security Expertise Included

  • Unlimited integrations to connect all of your cloud and on-prem applications
  • No Unlimited data ingestion to ensure you're logging everything you need
  • 1-year data retention included, and longer-term options available
  • No additional infrastructure or security skills required
  • We handle parsing, detection testing, and tuning rules
  • Our unique approach to detections sends you real-time alerts in under a minute
  • Dedicated Onboarding & Account Assistance
  • 24/7 SecOps Support Available
  • New Security Rules Developed By Our Engineers

Pre-Tuned Detections

Focused on Key Findings

When you get flooded with false positive alerts, it’s hard to know what to focus on. Blumira detects patterns of real threat behavior, using the latest threat intel to develop, test and tune new rules to reduce noisy alerts. That means you may receive less notifications than you’re used to – but more meaningful findings that guide you through faster response for better security outcomes.

Blumira’s platform categorizes threats by priority levels so you know what to respond to immediately. We also alert you to any operational disruptions and misconfigurations.

“I researched SIEM tools like Splunk and Lumio, but they all looked so expensive and like they took so much work. I liked that Blumira was effective, but not overly cumbersome or complicated.
I have a more junior tech handle it and Blumira helps guide us through response.  For a certain size of company with no staff or only one security staff member, Blumira is an absolute godsend.”


Jason Waits
CISO | Inductive Automotive

Unify Your Security Tools

Full Security Coverage Across Your Entire Environment

Our platform unifies EDR capabilities, SIEM logging, detection & response to identify threats other security tools may miss, sending you alerts in under a minute of detection to help you respond to threats faster than ever.