Join Blumira at RSAC 2022!

We're headed to RSAC this year! Stop by our booth (in-person and virtual), catch one of our speaking sessions or grab some time to chat with us about our new features, the future of security and more!

  • June 6-9, 2022
  • Moscone Center, San Francisco
  • Visit the Blumira Booth #3222 (South Expo)

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New: Blumira's Free Edition

  • To make security accessible for all, Blumira offers a free Microsoft 365 version with log collection, detection, response and reporting. 

  • Blumira's free cloud SIEM enables an IT professional to quickly set up using Cloud Connectors for Microsoft 365. We’ve cut the industry average for deployment down from months to minutes.

  • We take care of all security management behind the scenes by adding new detections, tuning them to reduce noise, and sending you meaningful findings with steps for guided response.

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Learn More With Amanda Berlin

Amanda Berlin, Blumira's Lead Incident Detection Engineer, has two speaking sessions at RSAC 2022:

What is Zero Trust? What ISN’T Zero Trust? Let’s Make Sense of This!
Monday, June 6: 8:30am-9:20am
Zero Trust is a major industry trend, but has also become an overused marketing buzzword. NIST defines Zero Trust as “a set of cybersecurity paradigms” and “guiding principles”, but that leaves a lot of room for interpretation. This panel of experts will debate the definition, scope, and boundaries of Zero Trust, and look at several concrete examples using the ATT&CK Framework.

Getting The Most Out Of Sysmon
Tuesday, June 7: 9:40am-10:30am
The default logging capabilities from Microsoft are only helpful to a certain extent. In this session, we will discuss how to utilize the Sysinternals tool Sysmon for threat hunting, testing detections and more. We’ll explain use cases and look at real examples of Sysmon successfully detecting malicious behavior in the wild.

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Amanda RSA Speaking Image
RSAC - Blumira #3222

Visit Blumira: Booth 3222 (South)

  • We're kinda known for our t-shirt giveaways (Black Hat's shirts only lasted 4 hours), and we're pretty sure you're not going to want to miss this one.

  • See a demo of the industry's only free, self-service cloud SIEM with detection and response for Microsoft 365. 

  • Bring your copy of the Defensive Security Handbook to get an autograph from Amanda Berlin, who will be doing a book signing at the booth!

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