Blumira SIEM + XDR

Enterprise Level Security.
No SOC Needed.

You’ve got enough to worry about. Ransomware attacks are constantly making headlines, and compliance changes are difficult to keep up with. You deserve a high-performing XDR that’s easy to use & fits your budget. 

  • Flexible Open XDR: integrate with multiple vendors for hybrid coverage
  • Automation: Stop threats with automated host isolation & malicious traffic blocking
  • Satisfy Compliance: SIEM w/ 1 year of data retention, endpoint, & automated response
  • Save time: Blumira’s team manages threat hunting, data parsing, correlation and more

You need security to meet compliance & reduce risk – but traditional tools today aren't the right fit. Schedule a live demo to learn how Blumira's SIEM + XDR is tailored for IT teams improves security without the need for additional resources.


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Finally, an XDR platform for Everyone 

Industry Leading Security Lean IT Teams Can Actually Use.


Easy To Use


Effective Security


Efficient Use Of Resources

  • We handle the security heavy lifting: parsing, detection testing, and tuning rules
  • No additional infrastructure or security skills required
  • Deploy in minutes with cloud-based integrations for M365, Duo, AWS & more
  • Our unique approach to detections sends you real-time alerts in under a minute
  • Automated response features and guided playbooks let you stop attacks before they begin
  • Advanced reporting and dashboards with one year data retention
  • All-in-one open XDR platform simplifies workflows with hybrid coverage
  • Dedicated onboarding & account assistance plus 24/7 SecOps support for critical issues
  • New security rules developed and deployed automatically by our team

Free Up Time & Refocus Energy

IT teams can save time spent on security tasks and focus on other key business initiatives

  • Automated threat hunting & managed detections simplify management
  • Blumira Agent is lightweight and frictionless – no additional infrastructure required
  • Reduce the number of missed alerts and alert fatigue with data correlation
  • Automatically prioritized alerts makes it easy for analysts to triage

Unify Your Security Tools

Full Security Coverage Across Your Entire Environment

Our platform unifies EDR capabilities, SIEM logging, detection & response to identify threats other security tools may miss, sending you alerts in under a minute of detection to help you respond to threats faster than ever.

XDR Better Security Outcomes -- White Paper

Guide: XDR — Better Security Outcomes

With the security industry constantly reinventing itself, it can be confusing to know what actually solves real customer problems. 

A traditional standalone SIEM (Security Information and Event Management) platform or an EDR (endpoint detection and response) tool may not provide enough visibility across modern tech stacks or capabilities to defend against adversary attacks today. 

That’s why many organizations are turning to a new approach to security known as XDR (Extended Detection and Response).